Our service portfolio comprises mainly sales, and distribution , as well as design of components and systems for fueling, with an emphasis on the aviation sector.

The following sub-sections ellaborate on the details.   

Filter design

We design custom-made filters to fit the volumen, filter type and application of the customer.

Compliance Assurance

We fill out and hand in all required documentation at the corresponding public authorities, thus delivering worry-free turn-key solutions to our customers. 

Facility design

We provide custom-made solutions to our customers. Storing and fueling facilities for airfields and airbases

Sale of recognized brands

We provide distribution for a large selection of third-party products from selected brands in the industry (Valves, hoses,nozzles..)

All our partners are well-recognised and established brands in the aviation sector, and compliant to all relevant international norms.

Design of products

In addition to the distribution of high-quality selected components, FRIOL, S.L.  possess a high level of engineering expertise in the field, thanks to our long standing activities in the industry. As result of this experience and know-how, our engineering department can readily take in orders for custom-built components for any particular fueling system.

Facilities maintenance

We also carry out maintenance tasks on fueling systems:

  • Replacement of filtering elements.
  • Inspection of fuel tanks and pipes.
  • Fuel Hoses inspection.
  • Fuel Pumps inspection.
  • Installation filters cleaning.
  • Installation elements and components inspection.
  • Installation certificates.
  • Test pressure.
  • Quinquennial and decennial inspections.