Diesel multipurpose filter MPF1-2xx series

Multipurpose filter for small flows, made in a modular way, and for use as a separator filter, micro filter, or monitor, in the case of a separator filter it is necessary to place two casings in series, one equipped with a coalescing element and the another with a separator, with three casings gives us a combination of a pre-filter, a coalescer / separator and if we place a fourth downstream a monitor will give us an absorbent stage. We can work with different flow rates and therefore there are three sizes of casings available.

An increase in maximum flow can be achieved by placing these casings in parallel. This system can be connected either with a flange or with a few simple clamps and threaded hoses. Note that the MPF series offers a lot of possibilities in an economical way in filtration units for small flow rates.

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